Drumming and the Brain in Learning
Stephen Dolle speaks on drumming for the brain at Wright State University

My name is Stephen Dolle and I am the owner/author of this DolleCommunications blog. I am an mHealth inventor & neuroscientist, and became so following a July 1992 auto accident where I developed the condition, hydrocephalus. From 1976 until the time of my injury, I had worked as a nuclear medicine technologist where my specialty was as a diagnostic instrumentation specialist. I had operated my own company Certified Nuclear Imaging since 1982. My background became critical in my efforts as an (FDA) patient advocate and mHealth pioneer on behalf of hydrocephalus. My strong music and sports coaching background would later allow me to excel at Afro-Cuban percussion and drum circle facilitation despite my ongoing cognitive and health challenges from hydrocephalus.

As of 2016, I’ve undergone twelve (12) CNS shunt revisions for hydrocephalus, where I use my DiaCeph Test mHealth method to guide my own neurosurgical care, and provide hydrocephalus monitoring consults to affected patients all over the world. I use this DolleCommunications blog to write on hydrocephalus, mHealth, brain health, and drumming for the brain topics. As of 2016, my most popular blog is using the Elecont eWeather HD app to help manage migraine headache. Plus, I’ve written several detailed blogs on sensory processing disorder, or SPD.

In addition to writing and hydrocephalus consults, I put on drumming workshops for the workplaceteambuilding & team sports, and a variety of health disorders with an emphasis in neurological conditions. You will find my supporting blogs linked here under workplacebasketball, football, sensory processing disorder, integrative medicine & healing, and drumming therapy.

Drumming for basbetball workshops aid movement, timing, and on court communications
Drumming for basbetball workshops aid movement, timing, and on court communications

In 1997, I designed and patented my DiaCeph mHealth Test for hydrocephalus. Since that time, I have become proficient in and written extensively on mHealth app design. I was also earlier involved with hydrocephalus in my work as a nuclear medicine technologist (1976-1992).

At the time of my accident, I had also been working part time as a fundraiser & consultant to sports and entertainment, and had been wanting to leave medicine to do this work full time. As fate would have it, I became a neuroscientist. However, I had been an avid reader in the cognitive neurosciences and psychology since high school. So my decision to become a neuroscientist wasn’t too far off from my interests. And, like Will in the movie “Good Will Hunting,” I accomplished this without going back to school!

mHealth Apps are Coming
Stephen Dolle speaks on drumming for the brain at Wright State University

I offer specialized hydrocephalus consults for patients with problematic hydrocephalus. I have integrated quite a number of my mHealth mobile apps blogs here, including for migraine headache, sensory processing disorder (SPD), and hydrocephalus.

Brain Diagram of Ventricles often Enlarged in Hydrocephalus
Brain Diagram of Ventricles often Enlarged in Hydrocephalus

I also possess integrative medicine or “medical intuitive” skills from earlier personal study and experiences dating back to 1971. These were confirmed and corroborated in 1981 during my work as a nuclear medicine technologist. Today, I combine these skills with study of the cognitive neurosciences and drumming, and put on unique workshops in the workplace, for health organizations, at fundraisers, and for private groups.

Drum Circles in the Workplace DC
Stephen Dolle speaks on drumming for the brain at Wright State University

I enjoy putting on drum circles (and workshops), speaking on brain health and on my experiences in the neurosciences, and advising in mHealth technology and medical shunt devices. I also put on outreach drum circles for a number of Orange County, CA causes.

Please CLICK & SAVE one of the JPEG contact cards. I promise you will be very pleased with the services I bring to you or your organization. Please also see my Dolle Communications web site for more information, or follow me on social sites.

Contact Stephen Dolle
Contact Stephen Dolle
Contact Dolle Communications
Contact Dolle Communications

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  1. I have made a connection between barometric pressure, my menstral cycle and my sinus headaches. This is the first time I have seen those factors brought together. I want to learn more about how to avoid, prepare for, manage and recover from headache/pain episodes. I would like to receive more instruction and information. Thanks


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