Free Form Drumming Follows Syncronicity Theory (Coast to Coast Radio)

Psychologist, Dr. Kirby Surprise, was today’s guest on Coast to Coast radio and spoke about “synchronicity,” and the cause & effect actions of your thoughts on what occurs around you. Can you control what happens to you? Dr. Surprise thinks so in his book at


But many modalities today help y…ou improve your effectiveness and control over your thinking, and “free form drumming” I believe is one of the better ones. In fact, I am living proof!
The reason free form drumming so closely follows synchronicity and cause and effect theory is because of its use of rhythmic time structures on “brain wave entrainment,” or BWE. In BWE, there is a tendancy for us to adopt the brain waves and mindset of others around us. There are pluses and minuses to this. But it is most advisable if you’re at work or around your spouse and family.

It makes you a better listener, and more effective observer. Dr. Surprise writes, “we’re actually seeing a mirror of some of our own processes in the environment– we actually are influencing the patterns of events around us.” When you realize your unconscious involvement in the creation of events, “you have a tremendous opportunity…to talk to the environment and have it talk back to you. And what you’re doing is talking to deeper levels of yourself,” he suggested.

In drumming, it is the call and response of the play, the back and forth of rhythms between participants that creates synchronicity. It is not random. It is a precise cause and effect of drummers’ brain waves, with the answering drummers responding in more an automated or “intuitive” response to the brain waves and mindset of the leading or “alpha” drummers. And the more you participate in free form drumming, the better you get at sensing other’s brain waves and responding with your “intuitive” brain. This is also deeply rooted in “shamanism.”

Where synchronicity speaks to the probabilities of our cause and effect thinking, thru time and space, on what occurs around us, drumming is based on synchronising of audible, visual, and telekinenetic patterns, which results in BWE. This is supported by quite a bit of research today.

So the next time you wonder how much of your personal, work, or school life is a direct result of your thinking, pick up a drum and find out.


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