Drum Workshop: Drumming and Healing this Friday Evening Sept. 14th

Come to this Drumming & Healing Workshop on Friday Sept. 14th from 7pm-8:30pm.
You will learn about Drumming & Healing in: 1. Sensory Integration, 2. Fitness, Balance & Movement, 3. Cognitive Organization in the Brain, 4. Psycho Social Development, and 5. Altering Illness: as seen in all mind/body modalities, and known as the Placebo Effect in pharmacological studies.
In the interest of time, most of this workshop will be centered around Altering Illness, and we will drum and employ techniques to alter your mind and belief system about illness that may be within your body. The science in support of Drumming & Healing is based in part on rhythmic movement of our bodies through a mechanism known as proprioception, or the network of sensors in our muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding our joints that retain memory of movement patterns. Proprioception is then interdependent on commands from the brain to initiate and oversee movement. Our bodies also contain a network of nerves and energy fields, termed meridians, that retain emotional and other experiences important to us. These all work together when we drum or perform movements and athletics.
The goal in Drumming and Healing, and all healing arts for that matter, is to fix mind/body conflicts, because it is these conflicts and the associated emotional pain, that leads to illness. During my nuclear medicine imaging work in the 1980s, I had opportunity to interview hundreds of patients, and widely saw how emotional conflicts led to illness. There are also many books written on the subject.
In this workshop, I will employ a number of drumming and vocal methods designed to address these conflicts. My “Communicating thru Drum Rhythms” workshop originally scheduled for Sept. 14th will be moved/combined on Nov. 9th with “Enhance Improvisation thru Drumming.”
My remaining 2012 drumming workshops at the TOL include:
Oct. 12, my workshop here will cover “Exploring Intimacy thru the Rhythmic Play of the Drums.”
Nov. 9th, “Communication and Improvisation thru Drum Circle Play.” 
Dec. 14th, the topic is “Exploring Spirituality thru Drums and Rhythm.”
The cost for each of these workshops is $20. RSVP’s are required. You may pay via PayPal on the Meetup, or cash at the door.
Drum circles have been in use for thousands of years and today are used in team-building, health programs (cancer outcomes, stress relief, neurological disorders, fitness, wellness), spiritual practices, community outreach, and in personal and social development. Each month, I feature a select topic on drumming based on my experience, research, and training, and attendees have the opportunity to experience drumming on these magical levels (based on both science and shamanism). See the event information in the Meetup & Facebook calendars.
I put a great deal of time in preparing for these workshops. I provide the instruments. If you have a hand drum or small hand percussion instrument, you may bring it. No kit, Taiko, or large drums please. No alcohol allowed. Space is limited to 75 people. Please be respectful of each other’s privacy and space at these events.
My workshops are a great opportunity to participate in a local drum circle with people with like interests, and bring positive intention into your lives.
The temple has moved to a NEW Irvine address:
11 Goddard Irvine, CA 92618
Stephen Dolle
Facilitator & Host Cell
(714) 749-0851

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