The Brain and Cognition: Mind-Body Methods & Music and the Brain

Over the last decade, neuroscience & medical science have made many long overdue advances in understanding the human Brain.Music No.1brain. Much of this followed the research published about 12 years ago regarding neuroplasticity of the brain, aging, injury, and how the brain can still form new connections well into our later years. But, some of the more provocative developments in my view have come about in the areas of cognition with music and the brain, hypnosis, and meditation, and neuro and assistive technologies. Many of the mind-body modalities were developed many years ago, but were not well understood or corroborated thru science until more recently. As much as we’ve come today, we still have a long way to go in understanding many of the basic functions of the brain necessary for how this can be applied to medical disorders like autism, stroke, TBI, and hydrocephalus, to name a few.

I’ve done my part in my work with hydrocephalus, and with drumming and the brain. Now it’s your turn.



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