How’s your Implant Functioning (My BWE Sub-title to Terminator 3 Movie)

This is my Brain Awareness Week (BAW) photo which illustrates what we need to aim for in our brain science efforts: “Self Sufficiency.”

If you recall, oTerm3 Hows your Implantne of the primary themes of the Terminator movie series was the Terminator’s wherewithal to correct its own body breakage & malfunctions. For more than 50 years, Western Medicine has been surgically putting in a wide array of medical implants from bone screws and plates, to heart valves, CNS shunts for hydrocephalus, and neurostimulators for Parkinson’s Disease and seizure disorders. The most problematic of these are CNS shunts, which I have been living with for 20 years.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked feverishly to educate medical science of the needs for self-sufficiency and home diagnostics & solutions to keep the shunt and individual functioning. But medical science in nearly every branch, from FDA to device mfrs to practicing physicians, have remained oblivious to the needs of the patient, and what is technologically possible today.

In 1997, after petitioning the Food & Drug Administration on widespread oversight and needless failures with many CNS shunt devices, I designed and patented a home monitoring system for hydrocephalus and CNS shunt users based on non-invasive methodology which I named, the DiaCeph Test. When I introduced it to scientists at the University of California at Irvine (UCI), I was heralded as a pioneer and visionary by Dr. Eldon Foltz, a long-time practicing neurosurgeon & researcher in hydrocephalus. And when I showed my concept to NIH, they fell in love with it and urged me to find a credentialed university scientist or physician to write the NIH grant application. Later, however, UCI would inform me they would have to own everything, or it wouldn’t be possible for UCI staff to write the grant. I was given no other alternative other then giving it to them, which didn’t make any sense. So I continued to show my DiaCeph system to companies and others in the field, all to no avail. Back then, it was going to be a stand alone software device where we’d be seeking insurance reimbursement, a Medicare code, and industry distribution.

Today, however, the DiaCeph Test could be an app for a mobile phone! The future is now and we need to grasp it! We need to develop cost-effective neuro-technologies for common disorders of the brain, take mind-body modalities, music therapy, mobile apps & AI technology to the next level!

In support of my Terminator 3 BAW photo, I added the caption, “How is your Implant functioning?” I added this from years of frustrating experiences w/ CNS shunt implants where one is left w/ a malfunctioning CNS shunt implant, yet limited to no means to get it fixed. It would seem the age-old saying applies here, “IF you want something done right, do it yourself!” So goes the Terminator! — with hydrocephalus association and national hydrocephalus foundation.

Stephen Dolle

20-year hydrocephalus survivor

Inventor & Neuroscientist

Drum Circle Facilitator

Medical Intuitive

Newport Beach, CA

One thought on “How’s your Implant Functioning (My BWE Sub-title to Terminator 3 Movie)

  1. So today, I turn up the advocacy meter a bit, with my caption added Terminator 3 poster, and a post on my Blog. I’ve not felt well in more than a year, and during this time I’ve undergone 3 brain shunt revisions. The frustrating issue is that as a scientist and advocate for hydrocephalus, not nearly enough is being done. Hydrocephalus care today is stuck in the 1980s. Yet, it’s the leading neurosurgical problem among children. Where’s the outrage! There needs to be a “CSF flow sensor & diagnostics” integrated within CNS shunt systems. This must become a priority within hydrocephalus care. And FDA needs to put all CNS shunt mfr’s on notice that as of a specified date, they can no longer market CNS shunts and components w/o an efficacious means of maintaining performance and integrity! It can be done! FDA could be forced to do so by Petition! There’s so much we could be doing today in innovation with the brain and care. We need to apply some of the passion and resources used during the 1960s space program to the development of brain and health programs. The era of the Brain is Today! Share the PASSION!


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