Ex-College star athletes seek class-action status vs. NCAA

OAKLAND, Calif. — Former college basketball standout Ed O’Bannon and his lawyers sought on Thursday to dramatically expand his lawsuit challenging the NCAA’s ban on compensating athletes in a move that could expose the organization and its member schools to billions of dollars in damages. READ full story:


Stephen Dolle comment:
This will be a fascinating case. Haven’t seen the complaint but I’d give at least a 50/50 chance of prevailing on share of royalties. At issue may be acceptance of the scholarship as agreement to a contract. But that is more with the university than NCAA. If royalty arrangements were clearly spelled out in scholarship materials, the athletes may be on weak ground. Their best claim, however, lies in the NCAA’s restrictions of their freedom to earn extra money as a student athlete, and the NCAA or any entity’s efforts to prevent that would almost certainly loose via the “restraint of trade” legal standing, especially when others at universities on scholarship are free to earn extra money. When place a restriction only on those with a sports scholarship. Why not academic or music scholarships also? But they don’t. This is where the NCAA would most certainly loose. Just my opinion.


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