Drumming & Rhythmic Therapies in Health & Obesity: Comment on Dr. Peter Attia’s TED Talk on obesity

I commented on my efforts w/ drumming in health, obesity, and movement disorders to Dr. Peter Attia’s TED talk on obesity:

“I do research and put on special drumming workshops for a variety of disorders. I believe that our weight and body types are very much tied to the mind-body connection and our daily movements, in that our rhythmic movements are a reflection of the relationship between the mind and youth/health. Body movement determines in large part how we burn calories and maintain weight. When you make conscious decisions in support of health and youth, your body moves more youthfully, affirming to your brain of youthfulness, which you’ll reward with more rhythmic movement.

This biofeedback mechanism conditions the mind to sustain good health. Research has also shown that rhythmic activities/exercise balance brain waves between the brain stem and frontal lobe, thereby controlling stress. The cycle of rhythmic movement, brain health, and body reward then becomes self-sustaining. Without it, aging, gain weight, and depression tend to set it. Interestingly it is near impossible to be in a depressed state during rhythmic movement. Most all physiologic mechanisms in the body operate per rhythmic cycles, as do all planetary movements and aspects of the universe. Hence the mathematic model of our universe and it’s connection to human health and movement!

In disorders or injury where movement is compromised, you can undertake specific movements with the hands, fingers, and other body parts to nourish the brain’s need for rhythmic movement. Where this is not readily possible, meditation and visualization of movement can be helpful in this cycle of health needs. Movement activities (therapies) are also extremely helpful in mental health disorders. Movement therapies can become cumulative, self-sustaining, and autonomic within the body, and can alter one’s metabolism. These specialized programs are readily available thru my drumming and neuroscience practice.

Dr. Peter Attia’s TED Talk on his New Insights in Obesity & Diabetes:


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