How Consumer Technology Furthered Advances for the Disabled: The SmartVP Videophone

Purple’s new SmartVP videophone technology is a great example of collaboration between consumer technology and assistive needs for the disabled, persons with hearing disorders in this instance. This is a great story and describes how the new technology will work. But I can’t wait until some new video phone technology comes out for seniors, who asre widely not tech savvy and don’t use computers or smart phones where Skype is now widely available. Seniors have been largely left out of tech. But they’re not alone. Persons with learning disabilities, post brain injury, and those suffering a myriad of brain disorders are also largely left out of today’s technology which could improve their access to life today. Anyhow, I give two thumbs up for Purple and its new SmartVP technology for persons with hearing impairment.

Outside of my work in drum circle facilitation, I’d like to do some consulting in assistive “organizational” apps/technology for persons with cognitive impairment and for tech users over 50 (the digital divide age). My focus would be human factors designs for cognitive accessibility, in technology & product labeling.

Stephen Dolle
Drum Circle Facilitator


One thought on “How Consumer Technology Furthered Advances for the Disabled: The SmartVP Videophone

  1. Of interest to the above, while visiting a senior living facility yesterday I was pleased to see senior residents using iPADS for Skype videophone calling, games, ebooks on Kindle, and numerous other IOS apps. This is a great example of the benefits of technology reaching everyone. Staff at the facility was available to help with the iPADS when needed. It was refreshing to speak with a 91 yr old woman who loved her iPAD!


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