Drumming Raises the Benefits of Zumba Classes

I put on a drum circle in conjunction with a Zumba class last Saturday in Los Angeles, and it was a hit.

Drumming is a great fit with Zumba because it also allows for creativity, initiative, and leadership. In addition, drumming is great for seniors, and Saturday’s drumming proved to be a fitness and confidence booster for all.

I have been facilitating drum circles for about 8 years now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the importance of understanding the specific “needs” of your group. Once you do, you can introduce exercises to touch on these needs and strengthen their role with the group.

My drum circle group last Saturday responded well to team play, to call and response exercises, and to solo play that I rotated during the program. When combined with Zumba and similar fitness activities, drumming affords a unique trust, leadership, and confidence building experience that is hard to match.

I hope to have my new OrangeCountyDrumCircle.org site up and running soon. For now, my http://www.DolleCommunications.com site remains the primary web site for drumming.

Please contact me for any special needs or rate quotes.


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