Cool Math use in Music, Science, and Technology for Math Awareness Month

In honor of Math Awareness month #MathAware, here are my cool uses of math in music, science, and technology.

In music, I use math in my percussion with drum circles in the various time structures & types of rhythms. Rhythm is everywhere: in dance & our body physiology, in our brain waves, and around us in nature, the planets, and universe. Do you have a favorite musical rhythm?

In my neurological monitoring work for the disorder, hydrocephalus, I use math by assigning numerical values to a patient’s neurological markers, then I interpret the data into medical discussions and diagnoses. I designed & patented this method back in 1997, and named it the DiaCeph Test. “DiaCeph” is from the Latin root of two key medical words. Do you know which ones? It is still a very relevant method today. You can find it on my web site and If I find $100K, or my own software developer, I’ll make it into a really cool mobile app!

Then I use math again in the layouts of many of the reports I write, especially in the formats I create, in logic & reasoning, presentation of subject matter, and analysis and conclusions. Can you think of one of your own reports, where math & reasoning were pivotal?

Lastly, I use math in many of the mobile apps & software I use. My own memory can be poor at times, so I regularly use software and technology to keep myself organized, connected, and productive. And of course, math & logic is at the core of all these apps and software. Which of your favorite apps or software is the most math oriented?

Here’s the web site for Math Awareness Month.
AI Number Code


Stephen Dolle


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